Not long now until both boys leave. Ty was home sick yesterday as are a lot of kids in the valley. Hope he’s doing better today. I didn’t get as much done yesterday as I would have liked and will need to double down today. Lori went to Francesca’s for her birthday last night and the girls had dinner and fun. James is still on tour so even though us guys (Marty and I) were invited, we stayed home.

We had our heat tape hooked up yesterday on the roof and in the gutters which should mean the snow will be stopping soon. It’s super cold in most of the Country with record wind chills around -50 or more. The weather patterns seem extreme on both ends lately. I’m sure we’ve messed with the planets climate somehow as man is pretty good at screwing most things up. Not sure if its global warming in the sense of the word as some say we’re entering a new ice age for the next century. I told Robi yesterday, it’s time we look for a winter home in Arizona! Mom and Dad knew what they were doing going down there for the winter, ha.

Both boys want to go to school early today. We’ll see how that goes as that means they need to get up early. School is going well, Ty’s really stepped it up and Jag is on it as usual. Jag has a bad teacher in English that is only there as her family donated a ton of money to the school. She doesn’t even have a degree to teach but apparently you don’t need that at a private school. Every kid in the school thinks she’s terrible but no one can do anything about it. Oh well, is what it is, that’s what Mom always said. Speaking of Mom, it’s her birthday in two days! I was thinking about that yesterday and think she’ll be 88.

That’s about it, hope everyone is well, God Bless you all.

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  1. Blondie says:

    I think your mom was only 83 when she passed so I think she would only be 85 on her birthday….not 100% sure but we can tell by what year she was born. Anyway, she is missed terribly!

  2. robi says:

    Nope mom will be 86 Thursday!

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