Lori’s home!

I made it to Denver around 10:30 but had to stop to wash the car and hit the grocery store so she had to wait 10 minutes or so for me. We made it home a bit after 2. Emma and Jag were hanging out and she stayed for dinner and left around 7. Ty was upstairs for most of the day on electronics, cleaning and studying. The house was really clean as like I said, Emma was coming over! We need her to stop by every day just for a couple minutes so Jag will clean every day, ha.

Today I have a bunch of computer work, quarterly taxes are due and I need to get on the garage. So lots going on. Also Ty and the entire 9th grade has PSAT testing. This is a practice test they give to 9th graders to prep them for the college tests coming up in the next year or two. Better get him moving although he’s usually more on time than Jag.

Lori’s back at it with her surgeon in surgery every day this week. That’s a bunch as usually it’s only Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She must be backed up.

We’re getting ready for Spring up here. We have a snowstorm coming in a day or so but you can feel things starting to change a bit. Hope it’s an early Spring.

Time to go, have a great week. Robi said she was having a hard time commenting. If anyone has a comment, just email me and I’ll post it. Some of you have to have some New Year plans or have started a new hobby or are planning a trip, or maybe buying a new muscle car (Tom?), so let us know! Be safe and God Bless.

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