Another morning, another day. The week went well considering it was the first real work and school week of the year. We all managed to make it through unscathed. Lori is home tomorrow and by divine intervention, I don’t have to go to Texas on Monday afterall! Today Ty wants to hit the mountain, Jag is getting a haircut at 1 and cleaning his room (as Emma is coming back from being gone for a week and coming over tomorrow) and I’m going to look at a storage unit with Marty down at the Jet Center later this morning. Tonight at 6 pm I’m headed to May Palace to watch the Dallas / LA game with a bunch of buddies.

First up though is, you guessed it, the gym. That’s of course after I take the dogs up the hill. Yesterday after Jag’s PT and my endless stream of conference calls, we picked up Ty and went to the Four Seasons for apps in the bar. Then we hung out at home for the rest of the day.

Lori and her Mom were busy doing stuff and I think watched a movie last night. I did talk with Antonio last night who found a house on the beach on the island of Elba in Italy in June for $130 a night! This is a really good deal as it sleeps 10 and we love Elba so we might plan a trip there. We also have an invitation to go stay in the south of France so we’ll see. We’ll be going somewhere as we love to travel and are trying to find something fun for when the kids get out of school. I think we’re all going to New York in April for Spring Break. In February we’ll be going to see some colleges somewhere too so lots going on.

Time to get moving to so that’s it for the day. Hope everyone is well, take care and GB.

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