Off to the gym

7 am and time to get moving. It’s nice outside and clear from what I can tell. Both boys are sleeping and Lori is half awake next to me. Her neck has ben bad for a few months now so next step is to try some steroids. Hope they work.

Tomorrow school starts and along with it comes a new way of living around here. We’ve already started and things are going pretty well. The boys are making their beds every morning and slowly starting to do more around here. Of course that comes with laundry getting mixed up and some things getting put in the dryer that shouldn’t. Oh well, it takes time to learn new skills. Ty has some new study habits he’s imlimenting and both boys need to start preparing for their trips. At the first of February Ty goes to Costa Rica and Jag to an island off Baja Mexico. There’s an Upper School hut trip this Wednesday and Thursday but we’re not sure if the boys are going. Jag has opted out and Ty wants to go but we’re leaning towards him staying home and getting off to a fresh start with the new semester. We’ll see.

Emma’s dad had to take an ambulance to Denver yesterday for a pinched nerve in his neck and she leaves Tuesday for a week of skiing in Purgatory down by Durango. Not sure if they’re getting together today, probably so as they usually are .

Time to get moving, we drove Lori’s new car up yesterday and that tax thing works! Instead of $35,000 we would owe on the 15th, our quarterly bill dropped to $15,000! WOW. Pics tomorrow, have a great day and GB.

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