More delays

Everytime you fly in and out of San Francisco, it seems you’re delayed. Yesterday was no exception. Finally I landed just before 8 pm which put me home at 10. There were lots of people though that missed their connections so I’m not complaining. Plus again, I was in First. So it was a long but successful trip that lasted 36 hours.

Today I have a meeting in Denver around 1o and tomorrow another one. Both boys need to get moving as they can’t be late again. Finals are next week, Jag has surgery a week from Friday and Ty has a climbing tournament on Saturday. Looks like Jag is done with basketball until at least February if not for the season. It’s almost 7 so time to go. Hope all’s well, be safe, be smart and take care, GB.

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  1. Robi says:

    I thought I left message yesterday, guess it didn’t take. Anyhoo, good luck to Jag with his hand. I sent him a bday card and will send the boys Christmas after his birthday. There is to be a fedex delivery for you tomorrow, Thursday, so be on the lookout.

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