Fun time!

After the boys and I made it down to Denver and back, we hung out until it was time to go to the party. We had fun in Denver and bought Ty some new clothes and Jag found a sweatshirt for Emma as she had surprised him with a shirt last week. Around 4;30 Lori ran Jag down to Riverwalk as he and Emma were going to dinner. They were going to go to a movie but she had training (ski racing) this morning so they skipped the movie and made it an early night.

At 6;30 Lori and I went to pick up Francesca and headed over to the party. We were the first to arrive and our hosts Luca and Jan were wonderful. For those of you that know Antonio, Luca was just like him in personality and mannerisms. Luca had all kinds of foods in bowls like cheeses, anchovies, meats, olives and salami’s and other toppings. He then proceeded to make pizza’s almost by order. Throughout the night he must have made 15 or more pizza’s! They were great as he rolled out each crust and they were thin just like you’d find in Naples Italy. Meanwhile the girls were drinking wine and as the evening progressed, the wine continued to flow and soon it was like a movie. Marty and I of course don’t drink so we had fun watching the girls have fun. Finally around 10:30, Lori, Francesca and I headed home. With Francesca on crutches from her latest knee surgery, Lori helped walk her into her home in the village. Finally around 11 we made it home.

I woke at 6:30 to that familiar smell of dog poop! I headed downstairs to discover Mojo had peed and pooped in the living room. Nothing you can do except get out the vinegar and mop and get to work. So that’s what I did. I can’t believe he did this as he knows better and all he has to do is make a little noise and we take him out. I had also taken him out around 11 last night before we went to bed. Ugh, no fun.

Today we’ll take it easy. Lori did a lot of cleaning yesterday but I’m sure we’ll do some more today. It’s nice and warm up here this morning. After Lori sleeps a few more hours, (she drank wine, ha), we’ll head to the gym.

Hope everyone is well. Robi is having fun In Maui from what I can tell from her texts. They had lunch at Fleetwoods (of Fleetwood Mac) that sells our wine and then dinner at Merrimans in Kapalua which has probably the best ambiance on the island. Glad she and Robert are having fun.

Time to go, have a great Sunday, God Bless.

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