2 weeks to Halloween

Hard to believe in 2 weeks it’ll be October 31st. That means November is right around the corner. Both boys need to get moving and are once again slow to get up. Harley and I went to Denver yesterday to run some errands for work and were home by about 2. I then to Jag to the concussion specialist for a follow up appointment.

I reconnected with our cousin Lee Christian yesterday who it turns out, lives here in Eagle. He was Aunt Rose and Uncle Ted’s middle child. I found out Aunt Rose passed away last March. We had seen her at Mom’s funeral and she seemed to be doing well for 94. Anyhow Lee is doing well while his little sister Barb lives in Denver and is still recovering from a stroke 8 years ago. His older brother Scott, who has had some challenges in life, moved back to Indiana. Lori and I are going to go out to dinner with Lee and his wife Margaret in a couple of weeks. Funny that they live a few blocks from where we hope to move next year.

Back to Jag, he’s probably done with soccer for the year and will hopefully be cleared for sports right around the time basketball officially starts. Ty did go to basketball practice (optional) yesterday morning at 7. I guess the locker room smelled like weed after practice and before school but Ty had already left and it turned out to be a senior who was smoking before school. Apparently not a real smart senior!

Harley had a stomach ache yesterday and didn’t eat her dinner but seems to be doing better this morning. Mojo went to the groomer and looks handsome as he’s all white and fluffy. Lori’s doc is still in Africa and returns next week. That’s about it, time to get moving, hope everyone’s well, take care and God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Hi to Lee, and so sad about Aunt Rose, was glad to visit with her a bit at mom’s reception. Off to Hawaii in the morning so ALOHA!

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