Yesterday I took my last antibiotic and last night it seemed I had a big relapse. My nose is so stuffed that I woke up at 3 and didn’t sleep much after that. I’m not going to Montrose today thankfully as Marty had to cancel. Looks like we’ll go Saturday. Lori now is going to California tomorrow, ugh. I guess Dixie needs her this weekend instead of next. So tomorrow we’ll drop the kids early and head down to the airport. My dad is being honored at a lunch in Vail tomorrow that I was going to go to as Tommy is too sick to go, but I can’t get back up here in time so I’ll do a few things down in town. Nice of the Colorado Bankers Association to give dad an honor though.

It’s nice outside right now and the cool temps feel good on my head that’s pounding a little bit. Lori is going to workout this morning hoping it’ll help her back. Man are we a pair. Boys are doing well with both of them having mostly all A’s and a couple B’s. This is normal for Jag but Ty has really stepped up his game which is great. We always knew he could do the work but last year he prefered to play instead. So far so good. Jag has all A’s and a B+ while taking 3 AP classes! This is amazing as he has a really advanced heavy workload.

I’ve been staying away from politics but this last minute delay tactic by the Dems is shameful. You have an accuser whose parents were ruled against by the Judge’s mom, she can’t remember where or when the supposed assault took place and now she won’t testify next Monday even though she previously agreed to, hmmm. I’m embarrassed at what our Country has come to. The Dems will do anything, including lie, to get what they want. I suspect in the end we’ll find out this lady is lying and then the Dems will say we had to give her a fair hearing or whatever to cover their tracks. On top of this, they (the Dems) had this supposed information months ago. Of course they all believe her even though she now won’t testify, can’t remember where or when this supposedly happened and by the way, is a raging liberal whose posts on Facebook encourage everyone to do anything to stop the confirmation. What a fucking joke. Last, this all supposedly happened 36 years ago in high school! High School??? Are you kidding me??? What did you do in high school? I’m sure every single one of us did one thing that in today’s political, # me too climate would disqualify us, right? God Help Us, Please! God Bless.

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  1. Blondie says:

    I agree that we have all done crazy things that may come back to haunt us….but when you make the decision to run for something later in life, you better be “skeleton” free or it will be dug out of the closet and you knew it happened so you have to reap the consequences! That is just the way it goes!

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