I’m leaving today around noon for Pyramid Peak to go elk hunting. First up though is Back to School Night. I often complain about the $26K per year per student about our school, but it’s a really good school, just a bit overpriced in my opinion. Last night Lori and I and half the town of Vail went to Back to School Night. It was great to meet the new teachers and see the old. They get about 100 applicants for every open position so obviously the teachers are pretty good. After all, who doesn’t want to live and teach in Vail, ha. We also saw lots of parents that we only get to see at school as we’re all so busy. We joked that it was the social event of the season.

Picture Day went well with both boys looking sharp. My back and knee were bothering me as my I T band that stretches from your hip to your knee was sore. I rolled it out pretty well on a foam roller so hopefully I’ll be ok.

Harley spent the night at the vet as she had xrays and apparently has some sort of blockage from eating a toy or a rock or who knows what. Hope she’s better today. I’m sure that’ll cost $500 as vets are as expensive as regular doctors these days.

Guess I’ll get moving. Hope everyone is well and has big plans for the weekend. It’s that time of year where Lori gets to do the blog for the next 3 to 5 days so Tom, if it’s not up, let her know! Take care and God Bless.

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