Friday, yeah!

Ugh, what a long week. Yesterday was the icing on the cake with my trip to Boulder and Niwot and then home. When I pulled into Vail at 5:10 I picked up Ty at school, then we went to get Harley and took her home and then I left right away to go back to school to get Jag from soccer. So by 6:30 I was home. Lori strolled in about 10 minutes later.

The first day of school was great for both boys. They like their teachers and classes and are glad to be back. I’m sure that “glad to be back” feeling will wear off pretty quick.

I made it to town and stopped at Tommy’s and saw Lorenzo briefly before heading to Boulder. He heads out today at 11 for home in New York.

Tomorrow it’s off to the ranch with Mom and Dad (their ashes) to take them to their final resting place. We should leave by about 6:30 so we make it back by 2 or so as Jag has a soccer game at 4. It’s a lot of driving, 6 hours, but needs to be done.

That’s it for today, nice and cool again which is great, Fall is on the way. Two earthquakes last night in northwestern Colorado which contributes to the over 100 quakes around the Ring of Fire from California to the South Pacific in the past week. Hope these are not precursors to the big one! Take care, God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Awe, cute “off to the ranch with mom and dad”. Thanks for doing that, say a nice little something. Makes me cry in a sad and happy way! Never thought in a million years we wouldn’t have parents, so weird!

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