Darn refrigerator

Yesterday afternoon I went to get some ice out of the fridge and all of a sudden the ice maker just kept on churning. It wouldn’t stop or shut off! So my only choice was to remove the ice bin which was full of ice and then take out the actual spinning thing that rotates and dispenses the ice. This solved the problem of ice coming out but the gear that turns the ice maker kept on turning. When Lori got home she looked online and we pulled out the fridge, unplugged it and then disconnected the internal power source. You couldn’t imagine the stuff under and behind the fridge as it has never been pulled out in 11 years! We thought we had it fixed at least until Monday and headed out to the movies. We saw the Spy Who Dumped Me which was really funny, go see it!

When we got home we hung out waiting for Ty to get off work. After a while I went to the fridge to get something and when I opened the door, I realized it was warm inside! Now we weren’t sure just what to do so we pulled out the fridge and plugged the internal power source, (which we thought was just for the ice maker) back in. That turned the motor back on but also turned on the spinning gear that spits out ice. So that now runs every 5 minutes or so until something inside shuts it down for 5 minutes, then it starts up again! Hopefully they can fix this Monday as we just don’t have the spare cash to buy a new fridge. That was our afternoon.

Earlier in the day I ran down to the distributor and the dry cleaner and was back by noon. I guess a few people have looked at the house with one coming back this morning. Lori’s friends friend is the guy coming back at 9:30 am as she’s been texting back and forth with Lori sending messages. I guess there’s another property with a pond on Youngfield but it’s $1.8 Million. Keep your fingers crossed! Our realtor checks peoples credit before taking them in the house which our friend said pissed off the guy looking at the house, oh well, guess he’s making sure he’s not wasting his time, but I sort of get why the potential buyer is pissed.

We were going school shopping in Denver today as both boys need soccer shoes but it’s now 8 as we slept in. Hard to believe there’s no soccer shoes up here but we can’t find any. I think we’ll go to the gym and then see what we’re doing. The sky is finally blue with no smoke as we had some rain. Hopefully it help with all the fires here. That’s it, have a great day, be safe and God Bless.

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