A BIG Crate

Today we’re getting a big crate for Mojo to start sleeping in. We brought him home last night and walked him a bunch before bed but at 1:30 in the morning, he peed in the living room. Thankfully I woke up and cleaned it up right away but this has to stop. So today he gets a crate to sleep in like Harley. No other option we can think of.

Yesterday I went with Lori for a pedicure. First (and probably) last one I’ve ever had. It was ok but nothing you can’t do at home for free. Of course I didn’t get my nails painted or anything. Today I’m in Denver loading out a few last pieces from the house that I can’t bear to throw away. There are two dressers in Robi’s room and one in my old room upstairs. Not sure where we’ll put them but I can’t let them go to the dump. Same thing tomorrow as it’ll take me two trips. Wednesday Harley has training in Parker and Thursday I have a meeting with the distributor. So lots of driving this week. I think Tom plans to list the house on Wednesday. Hope it sells quick.

Lori and I are both super tired from being up at 1:30. We couldn’t get back to sleep for at least 90 minutes. Both our heads are pounding right now. That’s it, can’t think of much else as we’re too tired. Have a good week, GB.

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  1. Blondie says:

    You know when kids wet the bed when a new baby comes in to the house. Same thing with Mojo! It is a behavioral/jealousy issue….I would get separate crates for them, though. Best of luck….Bodie has done some weird things since Mabes has come to live here also:(

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