Friday the 13th

Most people think today has to do with horror movies or something but it really comes from a day in 1307 when King Philip IV had scores of French Templers and de Molay arrested on trumped up charges. So don’t worry, a scary masked dude is not going to jump out of your closet today.

We had our new faucet installed yesterday and then Jag and I made it to Aspen a bit after noon. We made our stops and then hit Ralph Lauren as our buddy Chris had ordered in some pants for Jag. He also had a pair of dress shoes he put aside that went from $895 to $295. Lori says it’s good to be my kid, ha. I’ve always been a guy who’d rather buy quality once that cheap stuff 4 or 5 times. It’s the old saying, “buy once, cry once”. We made it back to Edwards by 3 for Jag’s dentist appointment. He drove from Basalt to Edwards to get some more drive time in. He’s a good driver but Glenwood Canyon can be a challenge.

Today I have a sales meeting at 11:25 in Denver and then will head back up the hill. Mojo had an accident downstairs again but Lori heard him and cleaned most of it up. He pooped a little more sometime between 1:30 am and 6 am but at least didn’t crap on the carpet. We think it’s because we gave him a few treats. He just can’t have anything except his food. On top of that, Lori and I both fed him breakfast yesterday as we each thought the other one didn’t.

Ty comes home tomorrow, yea! Jag and Nicole are going out to dinner tonight and Lori and I will be home with the dogs. Time to run, looks like a bunch of other countries caved to Trump’s demands and are now paying their fair share for Nato. Say what you will about his tactics but the guy gets results. Still, he’s pretty darn uncouth from time to time. Oh well, as long as things get done. God Bless.

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