Thankfully today is Friday although with the weekend and week ahead, it doesn’t mean much. Tomorrow, on the so called busiest travel weekend of the year at our airport, Lori leaves. Then Sunday I need to drive Ty down to camp and then next week I pick up Lori on Tuesday and Jag starts work at the research institute on Thursday. Today is also the end of the month, wish I had a couple more days.

Thanks for the dog advice Ali. Last night Mojo didn’t pee, thankfully. We did take him out late, as we always do, and I also had Harley sleep upstairs, in her crate, with him. We think he likes this so we’ll probably continue this new arrangement.

I have a meeting with the Eagle County Sheriff today as we’re putting together a benefit event with them that will hopefully become an annual event and raise them some much needed money. It was like 93 degrees here yesterday and I guess 105 in Denver! In both places that’s hot. Luckily we have little to no humidity.

Jag went to the lake yesterday with his girlfriend while Ty was in town until around 1:30 when I picked him up on my way back up from Denver. That’s about it, time to go so Lori and I can make it to the gym before our day starts. It’s 5:48 now, GB.

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  1. Robi says:

    Girlfriend pics please!

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