Basketball Camp

This morning at 7 am the boys take off for basketball camp in Gunnison. I think their first game is around noon. They’ll play at least 8 games between today and Sunday when they head home. Should be fun.

Yesterday Jag and I went down to Denver. We carried some of our stuff out to the garage and will clear out the rest of it tomorrow so we can get the place listed. We’re planning on donating most of what’s left. There’s bags and bags of clothes and a few odds and ends furniture wise that no one wants. When we get the last few things out of Robins old room, we’ll just have the living room to go which has basically been a holding area for stuff to load out to donate.

It’s 6 am now and Lori has a 7:30 Forms Meeting and the boys need to be at school by 7 so time to go. Hope everyone’s well, take care and God Bless.

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