Last night the boys sure were tired. They played basketball from about 8 until 6 yesterday. Today we have more of the same with the camp going from 9 until 3 and then they need to be back at 5:20 for a 6 pm game against Lake County which is basically kids from Leadville. After the game I told them I’d get them Nuduro for dinner which is their favorite ramen noodle place in town.

On my way back from Denver yesterday, Vail Pass was closed due to a semi that caught fire so I had to go through Leadville and then cut down Hwy. 24 to home. This added at least 40 minutes to the trip and was no fun. It’s hazy up here from the fires. It looks like a bad summer with so many fires so early in the June.

Mojo needs to be at the groomer by 8 am for a clean up. Harley will go to daycare to play with her friend Penelope for the day. Lori has a 7 am meeting and I have a 10:30 conference call. Then it’s off to the Sheriff’s Department to renew our concealed weapons permits. I’m also putting together a fundraiser for the police department to help raise extra money for gear and to support officers who have been injured in the line of duty. We did the same thing down in Denver and thought we’d do our small part to help out up here too. It should be fun.

It’s 6 am now so time to get everyone, dogs and boys, moving, as we’re off to Aspen in 2 days. I almost forgot, the Director of Operations resigned and the COO asked Lori if she wanted to apply for the job. She said no but I told her to at least get the job description and see what it pays so she has the inside info. Might as well know what the position entails. Jagger told her to take it, ha. Take care, God Bless.

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