Try again

  • Yesterday after Ty and Jag went to play basketball at 7 am, Jag and I and Harley headed out to Denver but learned the highway was closed at Idaho Springs. So we decided to bag it when we were in Frisco and head back home. That means this morning we’ll give it another shot. Harley will go to daycare today and then training next week. Ty had a good last day with a pool party, a haircut and then graduation and then a school dance. Finally at 10 pm I picked him up and he was done. Now officially he’s in high school! Today in Denver we’ll get him some sort of graduation present and maybe a cake!

Both boys and I will head out by 8 and be back up sometime around 1 or 2. Tomorrow is June 1st, hard to believe. Lori’s doctor is back from his 3 week cruise next week but that doesn’t change things much as she’s busy whether he’s in town or not.

Ty’s graduation was great! He received an award for some reading program and should have been recognized for community service but the teacher forgot about it. It’s a public school on a low budget and they’re not the most together. Next year both boys will be back together at VMS. 

Time to get moving, warmer weather today for May 31st. Take care and be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    I say both the boys are chick magnets! Can’t believe how much Ty has changed since I saw him 8 months ago – WOW! Tell them both Aunt Robin says hi!

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