Off to Big D

This morning I’m returning the rental car in Denver and picking up Lori’s Suburban from getting fixed when we were hit from behind. Then I have a 9:45 am sales meeting and then it’ll be back up the hill. Ty is back on track at school and Jag is doing well amidst all the tests and finals. He has two hard weeks in front of him while today Ty rehearses for the Civil War Reenactment which is an annual event at his school. They dress up and go all out. Some older veterans around the valley come and help every year so it’s a lot of fun and a learning experience at the same time. I’m not sure when the actual event is but we’ll get pictures.

Lori has a crazy pants patient in today for surgery. Yesterday during pre-op yesterday the PA asked when does her arm hurt and she crossed her arms, grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt on each side and pulled it up over her head as if she was taking it off and exposed her breasts and said “when I do this”! Obviously Eric the PA was in shock. Too funny.

It’s 5:26 now and I need to get moving. I can also hear Harley downstairs in Jag’s room in her crate so time to go. Have a great day, we have a big weekend ahead so more to come tomorrow. God Bless.

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