So close

Yesterday Lori and I headed down to Denver after dropping Jag off for volleyball. We had a great do-over birthday for her as we exchanged a few things we needed to, had some lunch and then browsed some furniture stores which Lori likes to do. Meanwhile down in Colorado Springs Jag’s team lost their first game to the 101st ranked team in the Country and then the second by 3 points. They would have won the second and been in the State Finals except one of their players made 10 separate mistakes when setting the ball which gave the other team 10 points! Oh well, they ended up like 7th in the State which is pretty good since we never had a team before.

Ty stayed home with Harley and had Sonny come over. He spent the night and they’re still both still sleeping. Who knows how late they stayed up! Mojo and/or Harley woke is up at 7 this morning, not sure who started the morning. Last night they went to see Grease, the school play at VMS.

I think Jag has some studying to do as he only has like one week of school and then two weeks of finals. His AP Finals are down at the college.

Lori and I need to get to the gym so time to go. Hope all’s well. Harley is in her crate right now as she’ll move barricades of any kind with her front feet to get down to Jagger in the basement. We are reorganizing his room and closet today which will be a major project! Have a great day, God Bless.

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