Happy Birthday Lori!

Hard to believe it’s Lori’s birthday again. She doesn’t look like she aged any over the last year but here we are again. She’s only working a half day so that’s good but the rest of the day will probably be spent purging around here. First up, I’m taking the car to Denver to drop it off to get it fixed. I hope to be home before Lori around noon and continue purging.

Jag had volleyball last night and again tonight as Regionals are tomorrow. If they win one game, they go to State next weekend! Pretty amazing. He also received 95% on his in class essay about Frankenstein and Paradise Lost, two books they’ve been studying, way to go!

Ty has three A’s, a B, a C+ and and C. He think he can get the C’s up to B’s which would be great. He has basketball tonight. He was hard at work cleaning his room last night.

Time to run, Jag, Lori and I and of course Harley and Mojo are up with Ty still sleeping. Have a great day and God Bless.

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  1. robi says:

    Happy Birthday to the “good looking one”!

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