Our rescue is here

Yesterday we had a new addition to the family as we rescued a 13 week old pup. Ali guessed it the day before. Of course timing wasn’t perfect as we had planned on getting a new dog this Fall but things just happened to work out this way. Our new dog, Kona or Koda, (we haven’t decided yet) , arrived via airplane from Alabama. She took a flight from there to Atlanta to Denver. Her siblings were adopted when they were younger as she is 13/14 weeks old. She does come from a strong line of German German Shepherds and is actually an AKC dog. I found the Director of the Schutzhund Club for the Rocky Mountains and she’ll start training with them shortly. He’s the one that let us know of this dog needing a home. She has some training and already sits and listens pretty well. The breeder with some unexpected health reasons needed to get rid of her and her sister fast. Not sure what all happened.

Jag and I were off to Denver early and finally made it to the airport around 3 pm. Then we had the two hour ride home. We stopped at the hospital for all the girls to meet her and then headed home to introduce Mojo to his new little sister hoping that would go well. After following instructions on how to introduce them, they became friends within minutes. Both dogs had 4 or 5 walks and then went to bed. The pup is sleeping in her crate down in Jagger’s room as Mojo sleeps with us. She’s still sleeping and so is Jag.

Ty had his track meet after school and won the hurdles and was second in the 800! He did all of this with a cold too! He’s pretty darn fast. Today Jag will be working with our puppy teaching her about her new home like the mountain behind us. It’s supposed to snow a little tonight and we figured out she’s never seen snow! Ty is off next week so he’ll be spending a lot of time with her then but they both did a lot last night.

We’re close to signing up for a lot and starting the process of designing and building a house. We wish the perfect house would come on the market at the perfect price so we could just move now but that hasn’t seemed to happen. Maybe today is the day.

Wish us luck as we all adjust to our new addition. We’ll all be fine and I think it’ll actually be good for the boys as it’ll cut down on electronics! The deal was that they take the lead in taking care of her and it’s only been one day but they did all they said they would from cleaning up after her to walking her to watching her every waking minute. I remember our two Shepherds as a kid, Tiki and Sadie which were both great dogs. More to come, have a great day and God Bless.

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  1. robi says:

    AWE so cute, my what big ears she has! That means she will be a big girl. Congrats!

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