Slow but sure

Well, Tom and I made more progress yesterday. We had James come over for some boxes for the Denver Junior League and a bunch of trash. I found 4 BB Guns in a downstairs closet. Man they made them a lot more powerful 40 years ago. Today we’ll try to get a lot of the basement cleaned out. It’s a big job but someone needs to do it. While I was driving down Tom was at the emissions place getting Mom’s car approved so he could sell it. He did a really great job on the car and I think he got top dollar for it.

Jag wants to go to school early today. He’s skipping the volleyball game in Denver tonight as he’d get home at midnight and he has a math test Thursday. Ty came home an hour early yesterday and slept from about 4 until, well, he’s still sleeping. Jag went to the clinic and met the CEO and had a tour. He’ll be working there for 6 or 8 weeks this summer. I didn’t know it but they have lots of really advanced stuff going on. They’re one of a handful of places in the Country with this robot to test human joints for strength and movement. They put cadavers (dead people) in this thing and test how far a joint can be pushed or pulled in some case until it fails. They also have a lab where they practice surgery on knees, ankles, spines, etc. using all the same gear as in the OR. Next week Jag is in the OR with Dr. C. watching a back surgery, wow! He’s pretty lucky as people from universities all over the World apply to come intern here and Lori slipped Jag right in. They’re already talking about what to do this summer and then what to do that’s more specific next summer once he decides what his interests are. There’s a lot more going on than I knew about, it’s really amazing and once you see it you understand why it’s one of the top orthopedic clinics in the World.

Lori has clinic today and us boys should all get home around 4:30 with Lori probably running an hour or so behind us. We all had a stomach ache yesterday from the fish. Lori and I had the worst of it as the boys really didn’t eat much fish if any. Here’s some fun pictures of Robi I found in the attic! I remember that long dress, what fun. Have a great day, GB.

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  1. robi says:

    HA, I really haven’t changed much except more wrinkles, and another chin lol, so very sad!

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