Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Grandma!

Happy 87th birthday mom! We wish we were there to celebrate the day with you. We are sure you are having fun with Kristin, Paul, Sharon and Gracie Fay!


Yesterday Lori and I dropped Jag at 6:30 and then made it to Mom’s a bit after 8. Soon after we arrived Tommy made it over and we began the purge. We worked until sometime between 1 and 2 and accomplished a lot. The attic is pretty much cleaned out which was a huge job. There’s still a few boxes of pictures and some papers to be shredded but it’s mostly all cleaned out. I also had Lori look through the few pieces of furniture in the living room I thought she’d want but we passed on it all. I think Tom will take most of it which is a secretary desk, the black chinese desk that was in Mom’s room and two velvet chairs. We have so much stuff as it is you just have to stop at some point. James probably took 20 or more trash bags out. Lori saw him carrying out some of Mom’s clothes out and asked him what he was doing and told him to put them back. He did take all Mom’s jeans and some white shirts and other clothes sometime over the past week that we did not tell him he could have and gave them to his girlfriend and her sister. I confronted him about this as I was not happy about this at all. He thought it was ok and in the end I don’t know what we’d’ do with them but it’s the principal. Anyhow we headed up the hill and will try to finish this week.

We also met up with the realtor and will list the house in about a week. They think someone will want to buy it as is and renovate it rather than tear it down. We’ll see, we just hope it sells quickly.

Meanwhile Jag was across town playing volleyball where they won all 3 of their games. The team is now 6 and 3 which is pretty good for their first year. They also had a Big Dog Contest where they used a radar gun to measure the speed of the boys hits and Jag came in 2nd with a serve of 37 miles an hour! The team made it home around 7 and I met him in the school parking lot and then he changed in the car and I dropped him in town to go see a movie with Ethan. I think it was called Ready Player. He made it home around 10:30. Ty was spending the night with Tegan from school and his Mom and brother who were house sitting somewhere in Edwards.

Today we’ll clean up around here after the gym. Hopefully we’ll make a trip to the storage unit too as I have about 20 boxes in the garage to move out. So it’ll be another busy day. It rained most of yesterday and it turned into an inch or so of slushy snow during the night. Hope it warms up a bit today. It’s supposed to be in the 80’s in Denver this week.

That’s it, time to get moving and head out to the gym. Have a great day and week. God Bless.

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  1. Blondie says:

    Happy Birthday, Dixie! Not sure you look at FB, but posted it on your page! Hope you enjoyed your day and you share it with my nephew

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