Fun, sun and a great dinner

Well, we were up and moving early with us packed and out of our room a bit before 10 am. Then it was off to Lahaina for haircuts for the boys. After a little shopping we headed back and were poolside by noon. The next 3 hours were spent in the sun and the ocean until our new room was finally ready. Then it was time to unpack, again, and get ready for dinner.

We left at 6 for our friends house which was about 20 minutes away. Upon arriving Marcella, who is in Jag’s class, had to drive a 4 wheeler to the gate to let us in. As I said yesterday, we knew the house would be over the top. It was contemporary with an island theme such as vintage surf boards hanging all over. The pool had a huge black rock with a waterfall dumping in to it that all the kids spent hours jumping off of. Our friends from Vail, the Franks, showed up about 15 minutes after us. James was cooking a ton of meat on this custom stone bbq like they have in Argentina. The next 4 hours were spent having lots of fun.

During the evening Francesca was telling us a story about the weather or something a few weeks ago that seemed like an earthquake or something. She said that she heard a big boom outside and thought it was a quake and that the windows were sort of waving in and out. They looked out at the pool though and all was calm. She couldn’t figure it out but had earlier said how their neighbor Chris had recently lost his wife. She then said this event happened right after the service for her. In a weird way she thought this might have something to do with her spirit and she opened the door and all of a sudden the whole thing stopped like her spirit was set free. We all thought this was strange but she couldn’t explain it. She went on saying how great Chris was as a neighbor and how he might come over. A few minutes later Chris walked through the trees to join us. As soon as I saw him, I instantly knew who he was and connected on the whole story as I remember reading about it last year. Chris is Chris Berman from ESPN! Most of you don’t know him, and nobody but me did at dinner meaning the Franks or Lori didn’t, but Chris is the Godfather of modern sports broadcasting. His most famous line was “he could go all the way”! Anyhow we hit it off and he hung out for a couple hours with us enjoying the evening. At one point Marty (Franks) asked Chris, “so what do you do”? and in his famous voice Chris said, “well they do have this thing called cable nowadays” to which James and I laughed but still, no one got it as they didn’t know who he was. Anyhow, super nice guy who worked hard, finally retired and then 2 weeks later, lost his wife, so sad.

Meanwhile, the girls (Lori, Francesca and Melanie Franks) who had been drinking macadamia nut liquor on top of their wine, took off in the 4 wheeler to go see the giant frogs. We could hear them giggling and laughing (the girls, not the frogs) finding giant frogs and chasing them and holding them up on the grass in front of the house by the beach. It was really funny. James and I, who don’t drink, were really getting a kick out of it as you do when you see someone a bit tipsy and you’re not. We have a video and if we can figure out how to post it tomorrow, we’ll put it up.

Anyhow, it’s 6 am and I just finished my 5 am conference call. Lori and the boys are still sleeping and today will be filled with sun and fun. Tommy texted a picture of snow and cold back home so we’re thankful to be here. Hope everyone is well, more later, GB.

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  1. Robi says:

    It all sounds awesome! Guess you should have been a rock star after all – hehe! And, FYI, I totally know who Chris Berman is, but after all I’m a sports girl, just like my 2 bros. Can’t wait for our trip to Hawaii, maybe we can stay at the Hetfield’s HA! Aloha

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