Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is Mom’s birthday! I’ll bet there’s a big party going on up in Heaven. It’ll probably be a fun one because most of her friends are up there with her. Wish she could post pictures of the big day! We all miss you and hope you have a great day!

Last night we lost two tough games, the first by 3 points, 57 to 60 and the second by 4 points. Earlier in the day Ty was hit in the head twice in gym. First he bonked heads with another student and then the teacher and he somehow ran into each other. He went to Jags first game but his head was hurting so I ran him home between games. Jag has practice tonight and then is off tomorrow as I’m having him skip the morning practice. Then he has two games Friday and two Saturday. He had a lot of homework last night after the game so I’m letting him sleep as long as possible.

I pulled a muscle in my back day before yesterday but will try to work it out at 9 am this morning after Lori goes to the gym at 7. The kid at the front desk of the gym who is there on the weekends, asked us last weekend if we were training for something special. It seems we’re the only ones who consistently show up on the weekends. Lori told him we’re training to get old, ha.

There’s a Super Blue Moon outside right now, the first one since something like 1866. Unfortunately we can’t see it right now as it’s overcast. The next one is in 2037. Ty wanted to wake up to see it but since we can’t see it, we’re letting him sleep.

Work is going pretty well, knock on wood, for both of us. Without going into detail, January was a pivotal month for both of us. I guess hard work and persistence does pay off!

That’s it! Tomorrow is February 1st, continue to wash your hands and do not touch your face! We still have a good 4 weeks left of the flu season. Take care, be safe, have a great day and God Bless.

Here’s the moon last night on the way to basketball.

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  1. robi says:

    Yep Happy Birthday mom! In her honor I have on her “uniform” and Robert is wearing his chili pepper chef pants mom gave him one year for Christmas. Going out for mex tonight cause she loved it! I sure hope she’s having a big party, but I know she’d rather be here. I was woken up by a pack of coyotes howling, Robert went out to look and there it was, big, bright and orange right in my backyard – the super moon! I thought it was too be early this morning about 2:30 and I have a real hard time sleeping so I sure wasn’t gonna wake myself up to see it. Kinda cool, the coyotes “barking at the moon”.

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