Winding down

There’s only about 40 hours left in 2017, hard to believe. About a year ago we were all excited as we thought 2017 was going to be a good year. Upon reflection, it really wasn’t as good as we had hoped for. I’m not one for looking in the rear view mirror though as I prefer to look out the windshield at what lies ahead. I’m optimistic by nature which sometimes leads to disappointment but it’s better than the alternative of walking around every day with a pessimistic view of life. You know, it’s the glass half full verses half empty thing. In any case, 2018 seems to be setting itself up to be a pretty good year, ha!

After a quick trip to Denver, I took the boys to get their ski passes and then the four of us went to sushi at our new favorite place. It was better and about half the price of Matsu where we always go. What a find. Today it’s one more trip to Big D so Lori can get her hair highlighted. I think the boys are going skiing while we’re gone.

The year ended on a bit of a sour note as I’m off by about $82,474.62 from where I need to be. Hopefully some orders will arrive Tuesday with a 2017 date. Lori wrapped up a week and year of her continuing quest of changing the way things work in her Practice and life. Her job is a lot harder than people understand as is mine. What most people don’t get is sure we have to hit the numbers and revenue, but we also have to manage the people that work for us. This is actually sometimes more difficult that doing our actual jobs which is dealing with customers and bringing in the cash. Both of us have to be psychologists, babysitters, parents and friends to the people who work for us which is taxing and distracting and is a job in itself. Oh well, it is what it is, guess that’s why we get the big bucks, ha.

In the coming year, we both have our own challenges and plans but one things for sure, we’re getting a new house. We absolutely have to move into a place with more room. This place is just too small. right now though, it’s 8 am and we need to be out the door in about 45 minutes to an hour to make Lori’s 10:30 appointment. I did stop by Mom’s yesterday and Tom handled the flood well as I expected a lot worse. There is evidence like buckling floors and some left over water in the basement but he was on it and had people out there stat and limited the damage as best as possible. Lucky he went up when he did.

Time to run, thank you all for all the birthday wishes. We did have a great cake from Blue Moon Bakery in Silverthorne. It was an oreo cake meaning the outside had crushed oreo’s on it and it sure was good. I think Ty had 3 pieces and he’s not a big cake guy! I had some too and now am officially off sugar and am going to try to go a whole year without any at all. Wish me luck. Rest up for New Years Eve but remember, it’s amateur night. We stopped going out on New Years a long time ago with the last time we remember being 12/31/99.

Have a great day and may God watch over and bless you all.

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