Another day closer to Christmas! For Lori and I, the day is almost anti-climatic. It’s the build up and festivities of the season that are the most fun. I stopped by Tom’s yesterday and his house looks like something out of a magazine. Everything is perfect with decorations everywhere. He sent me home with a tin of homemade cookies for the family, yum.

Today we’re getting our windshield replaced between 8 and 12, if it’s not too cold. It’s 9 outside but feels like 1, according to the Weather Channel. It’s about 12 in Denver so not much difference.

Jag made it home around 9 pm. Basketball is a real commitment. Ty wishes his season is still going on as he loves to play. Lorenzo is having a good visit here and selling a bunch of wine. I might get him tonight and drive him up but will probably just see him tomorrow and then take him to the airport for his 4 pm flight home to New York.

Lori put a few more touches on our country tree. She added some bows which look nice. We still haven’t wrapped any presents. Wish Tommy lived up here so he could wrap some! Maybe I should take all the boxes down to him, ha.

It’s 6:40 so time to roust the kids from bed. Here’s our tree again, have a great day and God Bless.

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