This morning I’m volunteering with a few moms to help set up for the Thanksgiving lunch for the boys after basketball practice. I think there’s like 30 people in all. There’s only about 15 boys on the team but when you add coaches and some parents, you get to 30 people. The coach came up with this idea and a bunch of parents are bringing different dishes (we’re bringing a ham) to feed the team. It’s a great idea to further bring these guys together as a team. Not sure what I’m doing but when I saw they only had two ladies who offered to help, I decided to step up.

Lori is supposed to come over at 11:30 for the lunch but she too has her Thanksgiving lunch at the clinic. She’ll be pretty full by tonight! Ty spent the night at Sonny’s and we’ll get him after lunch.

Tomorrow Jag and I, and maybe Ty, are rushing down to Denver for haircuts and a few errands before trying to beat the traffic back up the hill. Jag and I picked up some cool Christmas presents for Tom and Ali yesterday and today are on to Tasha, Derek and the girls. We also have our friends Eddie, Lisa and their two girls we want to get something small for. They live down in Fowler outside of Pueblo. You might remember they’re the hard working ranch kids that run cattle down there that we’ve known for years. They don’t have much money so we decided to send them a few little things.

There’s a dusting of snow outside, maybe a couple of inches. The doctor said Jag can practice today at about 90%. He can do everything except full blown scrimmages. If he feels ok after practice today, he’ll be cleared for competition.

Today is the anniversary of Lori’s dad passing away. It’s still tough for her as it is for any of us when we think of family that’s gone. For me, I try to tell myself that they’re not really gone, but just in a different place, like out of town or living in a different Country, knowing that someday, I’ll see them again.

Every day more and more people are accused of sexual harassment. Wow, lots of creeps out there from Al Franken to Charlie Rose. Of course they’re all apologetic and contrite but refusing to quit or resign. Losers. Looks like I’m a pretty darn good guy compared to what all these losers have done over the years. Worst I’ve done, that I can remember, is tell my wife what a great ass she has, which is true. I told her, I’m going to sexually harass you every day, ha! Seriously though, funny that it’s these people in power that think they can abuse other people. Lots of democrats though, just saying. Oh, and also, our government has paid out over $15 million in settlements for Senators who were accused of sexual harassment. The latest is the powerful outspoken democrat from Michigan, John Conyers, nice. What a bunch of jerks.

Time to run, we slept in as it’s a bit after 7. I need to get Jag to practice by 9 and then rush home to get the ham out of the oven and head back to school. When it snows, I’m also on car cleaning and car warm up duty. Lori just asked if I’m driving her to and from work today, so looks like that’s happening too! Have a great day and get some exercise today as you’ll probably be eating a lot of turkey in 48 hours! God Bless.

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