Insanely Impressive!

Those were the words Jagger’s professor used when describing his performance in AP World History and in particular, his mid term exam, where Jag was the only one to score 100%!

Yesterday the day started with his teacher conference. It’s a bit different from what we were used to when we were younger as all the teachers come to one room to meet with Jag and us. First he did most of the talking telling each teacher what he liked and how he felt about their class and then they provided input as well. Of course, the worst thing anyone could say was things like, “your handwriting could be a bit neater”  and “don’t stress out on school so much” and ” it’s ok to get a lower score if it means not staying up all night”. To sum it up, the kid is on top of his game and excelling like nothing we, or I think them, expected. Jagger though, absolutely expects it and you can tell. The Director of the Upper School said her number one thing was that Jag gets good sleep and takes some more time for fun things like basketball and doesn’t make his life all about school. So, there you have it. By the way, Jag dressed in a black shirt, black jeans and red tie on his own.

Next up I went to workout and had maybe the toughest workout of my entire life. I thought I was going to throw up several times, but alas, didn’t. I came home, jumped in the shower and when I was getting out, I hit my right big toe on the edge of the shower door which instantly resulted in me screaming a profanity. I didn’t think much of it until I looked down and saw a little blood on my toe thinking I scraped it. Upon closer inspection, I had sheared off a chunk of my toenail as it was gone! After looking around, I found it sitting in the shower! Now this wasn’t good, but I bandaged it up and moved on cursing myself for being so stupid and lazy not to lift my foot all the way over the door. I won’t do that again!

Ty had a good day at school and brought up a grade 3 grades that was low as he didn’t understand a key assignment. He did this all on his own and we were really proud of him for handling it. Next up Jag and I went to the orthodontist where we were for an hour. He needs a few more Invisalign trays but is making good progress. After that we went to pick up Lori as Ty was staying for the school dance after basketball. Jag and I picked him up TY at 8 and he had thrown on his basketball uniform and went as a basketball player as it was a costume party. He has number 1 for a jersey which is pretty cool.

This morning we’re off at 7:15 am for Summit where he and his team has a tournament that goes until his team either wins out or loses two games. We had planned on going to Denver which we still might, but need to see how the games go. It snowed up here and we have about 3 or 4 inches of good wet snow outside which is a good base for the slopes. We’re ready but the 70 degree Fall days sure were nice. I think they’ll be back next week but one of these days, it’ll snow and then keep on snowing until about April. Time to book our February Hawaii trip, ha!

Oh, Jag and I did take a couch down to the consignment store to sell it as we had brought two chairs up from Mom’s house that are much better for our backs. We bought the couch there a year ago and our friend owns the store so she said bring it back and they’d sell it for us. That one move helped de-clutter the house a bunch which gives us a much better feeling. Of course we have three chairs and there’s four of us so if we all want to watch a movie together, someone is doubling up!

I’ve been staying away from politics but I cannot believe a member of Congress would listen in on a condolence call from the President and then twist his words to somehow attack him. Say what you will about Trump but does anyone really think he’d deliberately call the wife of a fallen soldier and chastise or insult her? Good God, as the 4 Star Marine General said the other day, is nothing sacred anymore? It saddens me when I think of the World some are creating for our boys to grow up in. Jagger said yesterday he’s going to write an essay on PC running wild. Should be interesting, as yesterday his English teacher commented on his piece on Voltaire where his opinions challenged the writer and did so in a convincing fashion.

Have a great day, watch your top knot (remember that? If not, look it up) and God Bless.

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