Last day of June

Winter’s on the way, ha ha! Yesterday was my half birthday according to my lovely bride. Anyhow, after Ty and I returned from Denver, we hit up my buddy’s mountaineering store to “gear up” Ty for his camping trip. He now has a new backpack, rain gear, a mid weight jacket, sunscreen and other things on his list. He still needs hiking pants, shorts and new pajama’s No cotton is allowed as it weighs too much. Meanwhile, Jag, who came home yesterday from staying with Harmon and Zach for the past 3 days, leaves tomorrow for D.C. I’m driving all three boys to the airport in Denver tomorrow morning at 7am.

Lori has a dentist appointment at 8:30 this morning and Jag and his buddies are going to Water World in Denver. Zach’s mom is driving them down and back.

Grandma Dix is in Oklahoma as far as we know but Lori hasn’t been able to get in touch with her since she arrived. If you’re reading Dix, you need to call your daughter! She arrived last Tuesday and must be having lots of fun.

Guess I’ll run so I can get the boys moving. Have a great day and GB.

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