On the plane

I started to write the blog this morning at 4am but was running short on time. By 4:45 I was driving to the airport in Denver for my 8am flight to Seattle. Obviously from the title, I’m on the plane now. Poor Lori always gets woken up by me when I have early flights. Hopefully she went back to sleep.

I dropped Jag at the rugby field to meet Harmon and Zach yesterday morning. About 7, I took him some clothes as he spent the night at Zach’s and could be there all week from what we gather, until all three boys fly to D.C. on Saturday. G’ma Dix is off on her drive to Oklahoma today and should arrive late this afternoon. Ty, I think, is biking to town and Lori, with it being a Tuesday, has clinic.

I joined Facebook this morning, (which I hate) as I need to stay up with Andrea and Veronica (Bocelli). I also need to follow them on Twitter, ugh. Lori is my only friend and I think I’ll keep it that way, ha. I have a day and a half of meetings in Seattle to cover a bunch of things with my 3 Partners. It’s a quick, but hopefully productive trip. That’s it, hope all’s well, GB.

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