Happy Father’s Day Old Man

Yesterday after the gym, we all headed out to Aspen and had a nice visit with some friends. The only thing that was bad, really bad, was our lunch. It was so bad, the new restaurant took the entrees off the bill. I won’t go into it anymore but we’ll never go there again!

The boys picked out a couple Father’s Day cards for me and Ty’s was pretty funny. It had Scooby Doo on the front of the card and it said “Sniffing, Snooping and Searching for the perfect Grandpa”. Inside it said “Hey, looks like I found him”, and then Ty signed it, “Happy Fathers Day Old Man”! Too funny. I asked him if there was something he wanted to tell me as if I was a grandpa, I must have a grandkid. He just laughed. Jags card was really nice and thoughtful. Overall, except for the food at lunch, we had a great day.

Lori and I are both back at it today. Dixie leaves this Thursday for Oklahoma for 3 months! She’s coming through Denver and staying for the weekend so we’ll head down probably Friday night and go to dinner with her and then do something on Saturday with her too. I guess she has an open ended ticket so she can come home whenever she wants. We hope it’s all she wants it to be in Oklahoma.

This week the boys are cleaning out their closets as we’re in the middle of spring/summer cleaning around here. We have so much stuff we just don’t use. In two weeks Ty goes to camp and Jag goes to Washington D.C.

Lori and I are going to Aspen for the 4th as she has a gift certificate for a nice hotel and it’s close. We like Aspen more than Vail and could retire somewhere close to town, like Basalt, in 3 to 5 years. Living in Aspen proper is just too expensive but it has that town feeling more than Vail. Who knows where we’ll end up but time to start thinking about it I guess since I’m such an old man!

Time to run, have a good week and be safe. GB

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