En Italia

We made it to Italy and our home for the next three nights. It’s a new building/resort at one of our estates with big rooms and a spa underneath the property. Yesterday was a long day as we went to Montalcino around 8:30am and returned around 10pm. Today we’re all off to Lorenzo’s at 7:30am and then will be back to meet 30 of our winemakers around 3 in the afternoon. After the Grand Tasting, we then will all have a catered dinner together. Tomorrow we go to the Bocelli’s and then fly home Thursday leaving around 10pm Wednesday night Colorado time.

I’m jumping around here as I don’t have much time. I will post pictures and more details when flying home on my 10 hour flight. Thank God I’m in Business Class.

Jag and Ty and Mom are working hard to finish up the year strong. Ty scored an A on his Science test yesterday but over 20 pages of work on Germany, which was his big project, disappeared from the computer. We all saw his work and he and Mom are freaking out so tomorrow morning (Tuesday for you all) Lori will go into school early to try to get the technology teacher to help resurrect his work or basically, find the freakin file! Jag said he thinks he’s doing well on his finals which knowing him, I’m sure he is. He wrote out over 800 characters/letters in Mandarin the other day, 800 characters!

I miss everyone at home and thankfully can text with Lori 20 or more times a day. It’s been a good trip and everyone is learning a lot and these kind of things are needed to connect our people with our winemakers and the products they sell. It does seem though nas if I’ve been gone a month!

So, more tomorrow, Arrivederci for now, GB

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