Snowy Denver

Yesterday after watching most of the draft and running some errands, I headed out to Denver to pick up Ty from his sleepover birthday party. The weather wasn’t too bad until I was about 20 minutes outside of Denver as that’s where I found the snow. The roads were slushy but not really too slick. The snow was wet and heavy and trees everywhere were bent over to the point of breaking. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes to get down to Tom and Ali’s as Ty had walked down there after the party to wait for me. Ty was tired and slept most of the way back up the hill. After a quick stop at the grocery store in Frisco, we pulled in right before 7pm. Jag meanwhile was at Ethan’s with a couple of buddy’s and they all spent the night. He’ll get dropped off this morning around 8:30 as Zach has to go to Denver for soccer.

We’re leaning towards postponing our Hawaii trip. There’s all kinds of reasons such as I’m in Europe the two weeks before, plus the cost. You don’t realize how much it costs as things like boarding Mojo and food and meals add up. Even though we have our tickets, it’ll still cost a few thousand dollars for a place to stay plus the rental car. If we do stay home, we are doing something, camping, going to Yellowstone or Mt. Rushmore or something to kick off the summer. Ty goes to camp on July 2nd and Jag I think is going to Washington D.C. with Zach for a week to stay with Harmon (their friend who used to live here) and then Harmon will fly back with them and stay here for a week. I think they’re going the last week of June.

It’s sunny outside with a bright blue sky filled with small patches of white. We need to purge some more stuff today and take some winter gear down to the storage unit. There’s always something to do around here.

I talked with my Mom on the phone the whole way down to pick up Ty yesterday. She occupied my drive and helped me pass the time. We reminisced about fishing and spending time in the mountains 17 years ago when Lori and I first came back to Colorado. I have a picture of Lori, with her short hair, and Mom, with a scarf around her hair and in a jean jacket, in the kitchen at Archie Hess’s old cabin cleaning fish we just caught at the ranch, for dinner. We were talking about how much dad loved the ranch and even though he never said much, you could tell, that’s where he was most happy. For me, it’s pretty much the same feeling. I’ve taken over his dream of having a small cabin up there with a wrap around porch. Like Robi said a week ago, you don’t regret the things you did in life, just those you didn’t. Maybe this is the year I’ll at least stake a place out or clear some timber. You have to start somewhere, right? We’ll see. I’m not getting any younger!

Jag has two baseball games tomorrow in Rifle and then a concert at Red Rocks Tuesday night. A week from Wednesday I fly out to Seattle and tw0 weeks from Tuesday, am off to France and a few other countries until the 25th. So, we’re busy, and school ends May 26th! They say it will be in the 80’s by the end of the week which is welcome news. I think we’ve seen the last of the white stuff for the year but you never know.

Guess I’ll run so I can grab a second cup of coffee and get ready to head to the gym. Have a nice last day of April as tomorrow is May 1st! GB, which has two meanings, Go Broncos and God Bless!

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  1. Tom says:

    Don’t forget GB for Green Bay for mom

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