A little bit sore

The first day of skiing for me ended up as a cold windy day. There are lots of people up here due to the holidays and the snow was a little crusty. My feet are a little sore having not been in ski boots for a year. I finished up around 11 or so as I had a lot of work to do and the 3 boys continued off on their own until baout 2 in the afternoon.

I managed to get a lot of work done and was even stopping on the side of the mountain to take calls on the slopes. Lori too worked hard all day and we finally picked her up at 5:30 on the way to dinner. We had planned on putting in a pork roast but forgot to do it. We’ll stick it in the crock pot this morning.

Ty’s friend Jack is staying another day and his parents will pick him up tomorrow. Lori and I and Jag I think are going down to Denver today as it’s my birthday (now don’t get too excited) to see my Mom and Jag and Lori want to hit a store or two. Dixie fell or tripped over something yesterday but is fine. Dixie, if you’re reading, you need to use your walker or cane! Everyone loses their balance as they get older as your glutes or butt muscles (which are the largest muscle in your body) get weaker. In fact, after skiing yesterday, I went to the gym to work my lower body and glutes. In any case, if you have poor balance, for whatever reason, be careful and use something to help steady you.

Time to get coffee and get the boys moving so they can hit the slopes around 8:30 or 9am. Have a great day, take care and God Bless.

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