Two Basketball Players!

Well we know Jag has grown into a good b ball player, but Ty, last night, well, let’s just say it was his night. He single handily won the game for his team and they now are hopefully in the playoffs! I drove down to Gypsum (about 30 miles west) for his game that had started moments before I arrived. Ty was a monster. He played defense with such aggressiveness that the guy he was guarding became so frustrated, he elbowed Ty right in the head. Not to be deterred, Ty still was fighting and scrambling for the ball on every possession. Trying to save the ball on one rebound, he went flying out of bounds and landed on his side. They had one kid on the other team that must have weighed over 200 pounds and was so tall, he just stood there with his arms above everyone else and waited for the rebounds to land in his outstretched hands that were about a foot higher than anyone else, even when they jumped. On one critical possession, Ty jumped up from behind this kid and swatted the ball out of his hands to one of our team members who scored the winning basket. After the game the coach came up to me and asked me if Ty had got a tutor as apparently he had swished two long range three point jump shots in warm ups. He didn’t score in the game but that’s not unusual in 7th grade basketball where scores can end up in single digits. Anyhow, he played great and we had to stay as the coach had him play in the 8th grade game as well. Today we have games in Summit which is basically Breckenridge which is about 30 miles east over the pass. Hope we win! The tournament is Saturday and Ty’s excited which is great. Glad we’re not going to Vegas after all.

Meanwhile Jag was at practice as usual which ends around 7. Tonight is movie night at school though so they’ll probably finish up around 9 after practice. It’s my turn to pick up so it’ll be a late one. Lori is hard at work at work. Yesterday on top of all this, I sold over $300K worth of wine including 1000 cases of high end Bocelli wine we needed to move for $180K. This was a real coup as this is extremely expensive and hard to move wine. Sometimes I amaze myself, ha. My partners said I should be sick more often! We still have lots of work to do at work where our battle cry is “Close Strong”, meaning finish out the year strong. We have a bunch of other stuff to do on a family level as well as at work and school, like getting our tree!

On top of all this, Dixie is not feeling well. After she got back from Los Angeles her numbers were spiked as she forgot her medicine for a few days, uggh. Looks like no more L.A. for her. Apparently her doctor thought she might be bleeding internally so they sent her to ER but thankfully, after lots of tests, she wasn’t. They did send her home at 5:30 in the morning though even though she didn’t feel like going. She should have refused to leave as they’ll just send you home whenever they feel like it. Obviously she was super tired and not doing well yesterday with no sleep and having been up all night. Lori is going to have to get out there soon and see what’s going on. More to come as we learn more, but everyone say a prayer. Oh yea, Lori’s freakin head is still pounding too, great.

Oh, The Donald has convinced or worked out a deal for another U.S. Company (Carrier A/C) to stay in the U.S. and not move their plant to Mexico! That’s like the third time he’s saved real jobs and he’s not even in office yet. And then you have the cry baby dems trying to stage recounts to delegitimize him as there’s no way the numbers will change enough to change anything. In fact, in the last election the numbers were closer but you didn’t see the republicans asking for a recount. We hope he prosecutes Hill once he gets in, losers.

So, guess that’s it for us. Tomorrow Lori’s car goes in to be fixed and another snow storm arrives. Looks like our next break is the middle of next week. Take care and God Bless.

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