A whirlwind day

Ty and I dropped Jag at school, had his conference with his art teacher and then headed off to Big D. We first hit the phone store, then the bank, then a buddy’s shop, next off to Nordstrom and then haircuts. Finally we headed to my Mom’s but had to get dog food and dry cleaning first. Around 2:15 we rolled into Grandma’s.

We brought her lunch and Ty immediately took to Maybell. That little dog is so full of energy it’s comical. Ty finally shut both doors and cornered her and we caught her. Ty then held her and they seem to take to each other right away. Maybell was panting a bit but sonon settled down. Ty of course wanted to take her home as he’s wanted a puppy forever. We just don’t have room, thankfully, ha.

Not sure what we’re up to today. Lori has a workout for her back, (which the doctors recommend) at 8:30 and I think Jag and I will go and workout on our own. Then we might head to the Roaring Fork Valley. Over there is Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt and of course, further up valley, Aspen. Our favorite mexican restaurant is in Basalt so we might hit that. There’s also a package at Fed Ex in Eagle we need to get this morning.

We’re watching Lori’s headache closely. Yesterday Dr. Evans had her come right over to his office and gave her some botox injections in the back of her head at what’s known as trigger points. They might be working a bit, we’re watching and praying, but she seems to be better today. Her MRI showed flared up facets which is the little boney wings between the discs. If the botox doesn’t work, she has a dose of oral steroids in her purse Dr. C ordered up yesterday. The big problem is she literally has no discs between the bones. She is undoubtedly going to need another operation. The only question is when. They need to see if she’s a candidate for artificial discs which are pretty new and advanced. Thankfully she has the best surgeon in the World that she schedules. The bottom line is, she has a 90 year old neck!

Time to get ready for the gym, only two more weeks until the freakin political ads stop. They must work on some people otherwise they wouldn’t spend the money on them and play them over and over. Personally I research each candidates position and think for myself. Others must just believe what they see on tv. Boy is the majority of the public stupid! We’ve become conditioned to believe everything we see on the boob tube or what people tell us, very few people take the time to study individual positions as they’re too immersed in some sort of self gratification. God Bless.

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