Baby it’s cold outside

I think that’s the name of an old song but up here this morning, it is cold outside! Not sure of the temperature but Fall is here and Winter’s not far behind.

This morning we need to be at school at 7:45 so we need to get moving. Jag is not feeling well but we have to try to get him to school as he’s off Friday for Parent Teacher conferences. Ty is in Boulder tomorrow for a soccer game and also has a Science Field Trip. Not sure how he’s going to fit all that in.

It’s sort of a blur around here as everyone is so busy and has so much to do. On top of that, before you know it, it’ll be October. Then it’s all downhill through the end of the year. I guess Jag turned in all his homework on line so he’ll be staying home.

It’s 6:36 so time to get moving. Lori is already in the shower and Ty needs to get up.

Looks like Hillary is propping up a former Ms Universe contestant to say bad things about Trump even though she was investigated and prosecuted for lying and threatening to kill a judge (a real judge in Venezuela) as she’s even further behind him after the debate, even though he didn’t do as well as he should have. Forget that the moderator didn’t ask her about her about any the issues people care about like her emails, the family foundation, her health or anything else. No one should be surprised as the main stream media has always been in the tank of the democrats. The big surprise is no matter what they (Hillary and her media do) Trump is still gaining ground. They’re freaking out and with good reason as the people are tired of the same old shit in Washington. Good for them.

And with that, time to run, GB.

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