Nice up here

Watching the news, I guess there was a lot of rain down in the city. They’re showing flooding on some streets and hail in other parts of the front range on the tv. Up here we had a few sprinkles but that was it. It looks fine for hunting according to which is usually pretty reliable.

What’s worse is seeing all the crime on the news. Kidnappings, home invasions, robberies, murders, man, what a mess. People are desperate. More and more of them have run out of options and when you have no money, no job, and basically no hope in life, people tend to do things they normally wouldn’t do. But wait, the Pres says everything is great! Maybe it’s a little less common up here due to less people and the fact that most people have some sort of job. Also lots of people up here, as in most rural communities, are armed, and people know it.

Anyhow I was down and up the hill in a matter of a few hours. I had a meeting in Frisco so I didn’t get a chance to see my Mom as my morning meeting ran about 30 minutes late in Denver. Lots going on at work, which there always is as we get closer to the end of the year. We can see where we’ll end up financially and usually (this year’s no different) have to make a few changes to make sure we end up where we planned on ending up. This morning at 8am PST I have a Senior Management call to review YTD progress and the remainder of the year.

Meanwhile Lori strolled in about 8pm. Jag is doing really well at cross country. He’s really fast and the kid has the stamina of a gazelle. They ran sprints up the mountain yesterday and he was of course, leading the pack. Also by the way, up here when we say “mountain”, it’s really a mountain! Ty had soccer and although we haven’t had a game yet, is playing quite well.

I did manage to get the kitchen and living room cleaned up a bit. Laundry is always a constant battle with some needing to be done every single day. I don’t know how 50 or 100 years ago people would have clean clothes. I guess they wouldn’t! Times sure are different. Lots of people say get ready for a simpler life once again as things are going to eventually change, due to one thing or another. Who knows.

Guess I’ll run, hope all’s well, GB

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