Here we go…

It’s here, the first day of school! As I said, for Jag, he’s off on a 3 day camping and stand up paddle boarding trip and Ty, after one day at school, goes camping and rock climbing tomorrow. Both will return Wednesday night.

Dr. C has a big surgery day today and will finish up around 10pm tonight. Tomorrow he is in Denver at a trial as an expert witness. Lori was on the phone over the weekend talking to some concerned patients. Spine, neck or back surgery is a big deal and part of the reason people come to Dr. C is that they’re treated with extra special care. Lori doesn’t have to talk to them on Sundays but understands how they feel as she went through it herself. She’s really good at making patients feel comfortable and letting them know what to expect. By the time she’s off the phone with them, they’re all calmed down as most of them are as she says, “nervous nellies”, which is totally understandable. Dr. C only testifies for 45 minutes or so but Lori charges the law firm $18,000 for his time plus travel expenses as it’s in Denver. It doesn’t matter if he is there for 5 minutes of the whole day, she charges for the entire day as it takes him out of the office. This sounds like a lot of money but he would make more if he stayed here and was in surgery. Good to be a doctor!

Yesterday everyone was getting ready for the week. Laundry, book reports, grocery shopping, packing and more, consumed most of the day. I did take Mojo up the hill early as I said. So here we go, back at it. Before we know it, it’ll be September, then Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and a bunch of birthdays.

Hope you’re ready as it’s coming fast. 5:15 now and lots to do so time to run. I drop Ty at 8am and then will take Jag and his friend Zach down to the rest area near Edwards which is the meeting point for the Upper School trip. There’s 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders on his trip as he’s now in High School. We were talking last night that we cannot believe we have a kid in High School. Talk about life flying by, good God. Have a great day and may God Bless you and watch over you and your loved ones.


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