It’s been a rough week for Lori. She made it home around 7 last night but did book a Tlif for Friday which is a $100K surgery and it’s a self pay! Self pay’s are great as no insurance is involved and they’re more profitable. She normally doesn’t do the surgery booking but took over handling the VIP patients and doing a great job. This is outside of her responsibilities but pretty much does any and everything.

I think we have a bit more snow but nothing like Denver. Tommy sent a picture and they had 17 inches! I guess most of the city was shut down and is still struggling today. The airport was even closed yesterday which is a first since 2006. I still have computer work but did manage to get the boys sheets washed yesterday. We sure need a 3 day weekend but don’t have one coming up anytime soon. I think we’re going down to Denver Sunday morning for Easter unless it snows again. Have a good day, GB.

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