A Beautiful Day

It sure was nice yesterday. After I went to the gym, the boys and I walked down to see the Skijoring. The horses and skiers were pretty fast! Next up was a trip to Eagle for the Elk Foundation banquet. We weren’t going to stay for the entire 7 hours but wanted to check it out and support the local chapter, as we love elk! After hanging out there for an hour and a half, we went to one of our favorite restaurants where Ty had two orders of Dino (chicken) nuggets, Jag had a French Dip sandwich and I had a chicken breast. We then stopped at a store on the way home before settling in for the evening.

Meanwhile Lori was still recuperating, but was also cleaning. That was about it for the day. Today we’ll get outside and do something as again it’ll be nice. School starts tomorrow as this is the last day of break. I have a big work week and so does Lori. That’s all, the Oscars are tonight and we were supposed to go to a party in Aspen but will pass as Lori can’t go out anywhere. Have a good rest of your weekend, GB.

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