Barely home

The weather on the East Coast was forecasted to deteriorate fast so I decided yesterday morning to hop a flight an hour earlier. Lucky I did or I’d be writing this holed up in a hotel in New York. My flight at 1:48 (we took off around 2:30) was the last one to get out. 3 1/2 hours later I landed in Denver.

Then I made a quick stop at my Mom’s to pick up some things I left there as I took a rental car to the airport. My buddy is the GM of the Chevy dealer and they have to sell a specific number of trucks each month, even at a loss to get money from Chevy in Detroit. So when I dropped my truck off to fix a ding on Monday, he said he might be able to put me into a 2016 at the same price (which would be selling it to me at a huge loss) ¬†of my 2015. Sure enough, when I landed he had transferred my tires and topper, had a bed liner installed, leveled the front end, put on a clear bra and moved over all my stuff, for the same price I was paying on my 2015. So I picked up my new truck and headed up the hill, good to have good friends.

Lots to do today so I’d better get moving. Ty spent the night at a friends and Jag is asleep while Lori is getting ready as she has an early VIP client. I’m home for 3 days and then off to Phoenix for 1 night. Stay well, keep an eye out and GB.

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