Snow tonight and tomorrow

They say it’s going to snow tonight and tomorrow until about noon. I’m off to New York tomorrow so I’m staying at the airport in Denver tonight since I have an early flight and the weather is supposed to get a little precarious. Plus I’d rather not get up at 4 and we can always use some more Marriott miles.

Yesterday Lori and I managed to clean out our closet. This might not sound like much but it was a really big deal. You can now see the floor and even walk in it which is a major victory. The boys went skiing for a few hours and then Jag went to a movie with his friend Emile. Ty hung out with us playing with his friend in Denver on their video games.

That’s about it, I think Lori is going to try to go to the gym with me in 15 minutes or so, unless her back is too sore from cleaning. Hope you all are doing well, take care and God Bless.

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