Nice evening

Yesterday morning I rushed down to the Denver Airport to Air Cargo to pick up some wine that I had flown in from Italy and then headed back up the hill. Then it was straight to pick up the boys from Ski Friday so they could go to the orthodontist and hair salon. I dropped Ty who ran into the the dentist and then took Jag across the street for a haircut. We then headed home so I could throw a change of clothes in a bag and wait for Lori. She arrived 30 minutes later and we then both jumped in the car and headed back to Denver. It took us two hours to get to our friends building on I-25 and Belleview. Their building has a guest suite that rents for $80 a night that they rented for us. It’s as nice as a hotel suite in the Ritz or something that would rent for $500 or more a night!

When we arrived they showed us to our suite and we dropped our bag and then all went to Del Frisco’s for dinner. This is a nice steak house in the Tech Center. We had a great dinner with our friends Jeannie, who we’ve known for over 10 years, and Michael, her new boyfriend of a year. They’re like two 18 years olds being a new couple who seem to have been searching for each other all their lives. Anyhow they’re going to Italy with us this summer and he’s never been. We gave them options of what they could do but they asked if they could just hang with us which we said would be just fine. So they’ll stay at Lorenzo’s family villa with us and we’ll show them around. Of course we’ll send them off on side trips on their own as we will also do with the boys, but we’ll all be together and go to the Bocelli concert on July 3oth.

This morning we’re going to do a little shopping before heading up the hill. The boys stayed home alone and did fine with Mojo. It’s going to be in the mid 60’s here in the city and the mid 40’s in Vail. We should be back up home by 2 or so. Hope all’s well, Michael and Jeannie say hi Robi and Robert! (they went to the Bocelli concert together in Phoenix last December) God Bless.

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