The last day

I think this is the last day we’ll all wake up in the house that was our home for over 15 years. It’s a big deal when you think of it that way. Even though we’ve been moving stuff out for a few months, it’s hard to believe your life and all you’ve accumulated can be reduced to a few months of boxing and packing. Then you realize life isn’t about things or stuff at all. Going forward we’ll sure think twice about what we buy. Too bad it takes so long to realize the important things in life are family, friends and memories or experiences. Oh well, at least we know now. The most important things are those that don’t mean much to anyone but you. An old picture or maybe a rusty pocket knife from when you were a kid, or how about a piece of paper with a letter to Santa. That’s more valuable today than the most expensive painting, fanciest dress or piece of jewelry you have unless it was handed down and has some family history attached to it. So that’s what we’re saving, all the other stuff is going away, At first it was hard but now it feels good.

We look at this as a big purge, not just of things but of useless weight bogging us down. It’s a new day and a fresh start which will really sink in when we hand over the keys to the nice young family later this week. Hopefully they’ll have as many good memories and times with their three boys growing up here as we did. We’re leaving them a few nice things like the giant framed poster in the kitchen and my desk in the basement as they don’t have a lot of furniture. I’m sure they’ll do well and have a good time here on our Leave It To Beaver street!

Today we’ll hopefully get the rest of our things packed so tomorrow the big pieces of furniture can go to storage and then the cleaners come on Tuesday. Here again, if it wasn’t an antique, it’s almost all gone, excluding practical things we’d have to replace like the boys dressers or beds. We’re pretty close but still have work to do so time to run, hope all’s well and God Bless.


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