What an offer

As most of you know, Lori was presented with an unbelievable job offer to run the office of a top doctor in Vail at The World famous Steadman Clinic. The package they offered her is about twice what she’s making now and she could have gone back and even asked for more money and they probably wold have given it to her. We just don’t see how we can pass this up. It’s quite an accomplishment for her.

This morning the boys and I are headed up to meet the Director of Admissions at the Vail Mountain School. It’s expensive, (like $21,000 per year per kid) but we might be able to get a scholarship and the Director invited us up. Lori needs to sit down with Dr. R. and tell her the news which won’t be easy. We’ve developed a transition plan to make things as painless as possible for her but it involves Lori working both jobs (one remotely) for a few months, so she doesn’t leave Chris hanging.

So a big day, tomorrow’s post should be interesting. Bad storms yesterday and more today. Hold on and God Bless.

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