Non stop saxophone

Hope you enjoyed yesterdays post, especially the story at the end. As Annette said, yes the govt is broken but there is one difference between the GOP and the Dems. The GOP is for less regulation and smaller govt so we have to try by giving them the majority now and in 2016 and then pray that they roll back many of the intrusions into our daily lives. Not sure if it’ll change much but it’s clear that where we are at now is a stalemate.

Now to yesterday, Ty is wanting to play the saxophone as I said the other day. Well yesterday he figured out how to play it so from the time he arrived home from school until he went to sleep, he was making sounds non-stop. Some sounded like a sick whale and others like a fog horn. Later though, some even sounded like a song as he seems to be figuring it out. He’s really really into it and now there’s no looking back! Today I’ll see if I can take it to a music store and get it cleaned up a bit.

Tonight we’re supposed to go to some benefit/party at the Park Mansion downtown and we even called our friends last night to get directions but then decided a few minutes later, we’re just too busy to make it. I’ll need to text or call them this afternoon to let them know we can’t make it after all. As soon as I drop the kiddos this morning I need to head straight to the distributor and then stop into a few key accounts like Applejack to see the owner. Lori of course is busy at work and has an appointment at the accountants today. After school Ty has advanced math at 4:15, and then I’m done for the day.

That’s it, hope all’s well, only a few more days of non stop lies meaning political ads, thank God. 2 days until Halloween! I took grandma a hamburger for lunch yesterday, I think she liked it! So take care, have a great day and God Bless.

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