Last week of October

Here we go, starting the last week of October. But first up, there was Sunday. The highlight of the day was Jagger’s game where he mostly played shortstop. In one inning, he made a spectacular double play first catching a hard hit line drive and then threw the runner out at first base. After the game we all went for pizza in Golden where 8 kids had a blast. Then it was off to home where Lori had been cleaning since she made it home from the game.

Today we’re back at it, work and school. The big event of the week of course is Halloween this coming Friday. Looks like we’re having a party with some kids and their parents over for trick or treating. Should be fun and best of all, Lori gets to dress up!

My shoulder, or to be more specific, the outside muscle of my right shoulder, has been killing me for a few weeks. I’d better get up to my doctor in Vail before we have to switch insurance or it gets cancelled. Hopefully surgery is not in the cards but if so, I’ll have to get in quick.

Meanwhile lots of work to do. We all need a break but that’s not coming anytime soon. Guess we should be thankful we have so much to do that keeps us occupied, right?

That’s about it, didn’t catch who won the baseball game last night but heard Aunt Serena (Lori’s half sister) was there, what fun! Time to run, colder today and this week, snow should be coming soon, take care and God Bless.

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