Thursday already?

Man the week went fast, tonight is Lori’s big event at work that she’s been feverishly preparing for for what seems like a month! Last night she made it home by 7:30 or so as she was setting up for tonight. I had made dinner and the boys and I played a game of Monopoly. But best of all, today is Aunt Robi’s birthday!

Happy Birthday Robi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s something like 50 something years young. At least she’s younger than me, but only by a couple of years. I’ll bet Scottsdale will be rockin tonight.

Here’s a couple of comments from yesterday,

  1. Robi says:

    Gosh sorry to hear about Ty, not so sure you want to sue your minister tho, he knows people in high places – hehe! Again, sorry about Bodie Uncle Tom. If you take back all the Christmas presents that you bought Ali you should have the money for the operation – hehe! Sorry guys I just had a huge donut and I think the sugar got to me! LOL


  2. Blondie says:

    HA HA, Robi😀

    Ty seems fine but thanks for the concern. Too bad Bode has to have another surgery, but glad Robi’s eating a donut!

    Today I need to work some magic, let’s hope I still have it in me. (I’m not worried about it and if I’m not, you shouldn’t, ha ha)

    Time to run, hope all’s well, take care, God Bless and watch your top knot!

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